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"Everything Is the Mind of God" - Special Edit Audio CD
'Everything Is the Mind of God' - Special Edit Audio CD

"Everything Is the Mind of God" - Special Edit Audio CD

Product Code 8609CD-SPECIAL
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Sunday Conversations Audio CD

"Everything Is the Mind of God"

Special Edit By David Masters

This is a specially edited version of Sunday Conversation # 8609 as featured by David Masters on Adviceline Program K7159

Like many of David Masters' illustrations, this talk is somewhat like a good movie you look forward to seeing again.

You'll come away with vivid examples of the subjects of pain, guilt, anger and dreams.

David talks about fear and anger in a unique way, when he asks, "Are you a spiritual or chemical induced person?"

He then explores the mind of God, calling it, "God's hollow deck".

Whether using, "Star Trek" or the movie, "What Dreams May Come", David is adept at making the mysterious very practical.

With the addition of lots of audience participation, the talk is a real winner.

Recorded - March 15th, 2015

~ Approximately 70 Minutes Of Audio ~

Complimentary 7-minute meditation AntidoteForAll.com


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