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All Four Cure Stress Exercises - Download
All Four Cure Stress Exercises - Download

All Four Cure Stress Exercises - Download

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Listen as Needed to Cure Stress
Compatible with MP3 Players (including with iPod), PC, and Mac

Contains all four Cure Stress Exercises: 
    • Be Still & Know  (60 minutes)
    • Overcome Stress   (32 minutes)
    • Overcome Pain     (40 minutes)
    • Overcome Fear     (33 minutes)

If you could learn the secret of how to control your responses, how to find that switch in your mind which would allow you to energize and motivate yourself, you would never again feel conflict, guilt, fear or depression.
You can learn to observe vain, rage-laden people around you with the calm composure that will serve as the compassion, patience, love and correction they need and may even come to respect.
This simple procedure will prove to you, through your own experience, that control over yourself without unbearable suppression is not only possible, but vital to your health and happiness.

Roy Masters recommends you first practice using "Be Still & Know" before beginning the "Overcome Stress, Fear and Pain" exercises.

To break a habit or solve problems, stop trying. 

I know it is very important to you, but until now you have not succeeded your way, despite all your efforts. 

Put the same attention into your exercise, and you will find that problems will resolve themselves. In a very short while negative habits will give you up, beginning with the last habit to appear.  —Roy Masters
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