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The Adam & Eve Sindrome  - New Edition
The Adam & Eve Sindrome - New Edition

The Adam & Eve Sindrome - New Edition

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~ New Edition ~
The Adam and Eve Sindrome
By Roy Masters
274 Pages Downloadable E-Book - Format - Adobe PDF

This eBook is fully searchable by phrase and keyword and will allow printing and copying.

In this book I do not tell you what love or truth is, as much as expose what it is not.

My purpose is to lead you beyond the painful realization of what a fool for "love" you have been.

Thus forearmed, you can shrink from the next mistake you are poised to make and go on to experience the true fulfillment you are seeking.
— Roy Masters 

The Adam & Eve Sindrome is also available as a Paperback Book. Click here:  Purchase as Paperback Book.
One of the Best Books on Relationships I've Ever Read
By Jinger Jarrett VINE VOICE on April 29, 2009

True intimacy is one of the most important factors in the success of our relationships, but it's also one of those things we tend to take for granted. Achieving true intimacy is a difficult thing to do, especially if you don't know how to do it the right way.
This book is definitely different from any other book I have ever read on relationships. It focuses on one of the most important relationships we ever have, and that's the love relationship between a man and a woman. (The man/woman relationship is the most important relationship on earth as it is the earthly representation of Christ's relationship with the church, his bride.)
One of the most important myths that Masters breaks down is the idea that you can have an intimate relationship with someone else if you introduce sex too soon into the relationship. To introduce it at all before marriage often has the effect of corrupting the relationship and ruining it for good.
He also exposes all of the myths related to what real love really is. Too often real love and what is really lust get confused with one another. Masters demonstrates the weakness here, as well as the problems it causes.
There is a whole lot more. I've never read anyone else who exposed the weaknesses of relationships the way Masters does, but reading this book did show me why every relationship I've ever had with the men I've been involved with in my life failed. Once you understand that part, it makes it a whole lot easier to find a relationship that is right for you.
Even if you think you are in a successful relationship, you will still want to read this book. It will help you see just how healthy your relationship is and if it's really not, help you get it on the road to healing.
It is ironic that one of the most important relationships we ever have is one that we really put so little care into. Regardless of the condition of your relationship though, you will want to read this book.

This Book Nails It
By steve arnzen on March 20, 2002
I've read this book as well as several others by Roy Masters. This book unlocks the secret truths about male/female relationships that have been lost for many, many generations. This is not a book for the casual reader. This book goes to a depth that NOTHING else in this shallow society could even attempt. If you want the usual men & women are equal pablum that is spewed forth in our society constantly, this book is not for you. It isn't politically correct at all. This book points out the futility of the way we are conditioned to practice that type of "love". But if you are a truth seeking individual, male or female; you will find this book as a welcome breath of fresh air that you may have searched for all your life. Roy Masters cracks the greatest mystery of all time and blows the lid off of all of our illusions on relationships. If you want to know the truth about relationships/sex/marriage, get this book: NOW!


Customer Reviews
Rating The Adam and Eve Sindrome
This book helped me to see the deception I was experiencing from another person. Thank you.
  Reviewed by:   from Pennsylvania. on 1/24/2014
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