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Secret Of Life - Book (Printed Copy on 8.5 x 11 Letter-sized Paper)
Secret Of Life - Book (Printed Copy on 8.5 x 11 Letter-sized Paper)

Secret Of Life - Book (Printed Copy on 8.5 x 11 Letter-sized Paper)

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Secret Of Life
by Roy Masters
154 pages (Printed on 8.5 x 11 paper)



Now forms an image of the Principle of all evolution; the relativity between motion and stillness.
The first cause of life is absolute stillness which we call timeless God.
As the eye of a hurricane is calm and motion develops around it; this motion we call time, energy, matter.
Notice this similarity with the universe revolving around a central system.

All represent in time, space and matter, the expression of the original timeless Principle.
The atom has a "relatively" motionless center.
Relatively motionless because nothing is perfectly motionless except God for all matter exists in time and time itself is a motion.

Standing still in the corridor of a train, you would still be moving.
With the train at rest, the earth would still be revolving around the sun which in turn would be moving in space.

The sun is relatively still compared with the motion of its planets.
Notice that the sun is the central energy center that does not "move".
The central sun is similar to the original motionless principle.

The timeless spiritual center that begat motion and all life, is a perfectly still  original spiritual celestial Sun initiating a positive energy creative force out of itself into all creation.

In time-space, natural light enters into relationship with the matter on earth and we have natural life.
The minerals draw the sun's rays and matter becomes a tree. Man alone is the creature possessing both a spiritual and a material relationship. The central sun in beast and plant is the life-giving sunlight. It is their "soul" - fixed, still center of life.
But man does not live by bread alone.
Only man has relativity also to the original creative stillness within himself by which true stillness, he is aware of tomorrow, yesterday or the previous seconds.
Every form of life is motion relative to something still.  This earth revolves around the sun in time but we have a spiritual center which is timeless. We must find our proper relationship with the original stillness and live forever. 
Having never discovered the "Timeless One" time runs out for us and we are under the law of time, as the beast worshiping gods of "relative" stillness, before man's discovery of spirit within, he is merely the end result of a long journey through time and space.
Man is the product of time, energy, matter, space; and they are his benefactor and master.

~End of Preview~
Customer Reviews
Rating Mission Accomlished
Roy's books are timeless. I read this 20 years ago. Helped me. Will help you, too. What a gift that Roy has written this and other wonderfully clear and important books.
  Reviewed by:   from North Conway. on 9/25/2016
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